WAM Festival 2013


SATURDAY SPECTACULAR – Supported by the City of Perth

Saturday 9 Nov: Midday-Midnight, Various Venues, Northbridge

This year’s Saturday Spectacular now features well over 100 local acts on 12 stages, including 4 outdoor stages – the X-Press Launch stage at the Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre, Urban Orchard, the Emerging Artists Wetlands Stage presented by CIT, and the Northbridge Piazza Stage which will see the Craft Awards presented by RTRFM, including a live broadcast


44th Sunset, Adam Trainer (DJ set), Adem K, Amanda Merdzan, Andrew Winton, Antelope, Anton Franc, Apache, Autopilot, Axe Girl, Bastian’s Happy Flight, Boom! Bap! Pow! (WAM Song of the Year Winner – Pop), China Doll, Chris Wheeldon (DJ set), Clint Bracknell, Codie Sundstrom, Coin Banks, Craig McElhinney, Daramad, David Craft & Friends, Dead Owls, Dianas, Diger Rokwell, Dux n Downtown, Ekko & Sidetrack, Elk Bell, Emperors, ENAV, Ensemble Formidable (the related Formidable Vegetable Sound System won WAM SOTY – Folk), Everyteen, FAIM, Family Shoveller Band, Flighflow, Flower Drums, FOAM, Gilded, Grace Barbe, Graphic Fiction Heroes (WAM SOTY Winners – Country), Husband, Jack Doepel (DJ set), Jake & The Cowboys (Jarred Wall WAM SOTY Winner – Indigenous), Jordan McRobbie (WAM SOTY Winner – Blues/Roots), Kill Teen Angst, Kit Pop vs Zeke, Kucka, Leeches, Lilt, Lo & Behold, Man The Clouds, Masonik, Mezzanine,Minute 36 (WAM SOTY Winners – Regional), MmHmmm, Mt. Mountain, Naik, Natasha Shanks,Our Man In Berlin, Oz Island, Patient Little Sister, Pimps Of Sound, Puck, Pumba, Rabbit Island, Race To Your Face, Rachel Gorman (WAM SOTY Winner – Mentally Healthy), Red Engine Caves,Rok Riley, Ruby Boots, Sable, Sam Perry, Sarah Pellicano, Scalphunter, Shimmergloom, Sid Pattni, Simone & Girlfunkle, Simon Kelly & The Big Bamboo, Sludge Bucket, Smrts, Sons Of Rico, Stoney Joe, Sugar Army, Sugarpuss, The Amani Consort, The Brow Horn Orchestra, The Coalminers Sect, The Community Chest, The Disappointed, The Flying Embers, The Ghost Hotel, The Justin Walshe Folk Machine, The Weapon Is Sound, Tired Lion, Tomas Ford, Tracey Barnett, Trigger Jackets, True Science, Usurper Of Modern Medicine, Valdaway, Vida Cain, Wisdom 2thand Ylem & Dease.

WA Music Awards – hosted by triple j’s Dom Alessio and Lewi McKirdy, with performances by Jordi Davieson (San Cisco), The Love Junkies and Mathas, plus the WAM Hall Of Fame inductions. Friday, November 8, 8pm-midnight at the Astor Theatre.

WAM Festival Music Conference –keynote speakers will include Adalita, Catherine Haridy and Michael Chugg, with 50 more industry speakers to be announced, including The Great Escape/Glastonbury Festival’s Martin Elbourne, Earache Records’ Al Dawson, YouTube’s Lee Hunter and Spotify’s Rene Chambers. It happens around the Perth Cultural Centre on Thursday-Friday, November 7-8.

WA Export Showcase – Kučka, Rainy Day Women, Simone & Girlfunkle and Stillwater Giants perform at The Bakery on Thursday, November 7, showing the stuff that has brought them attention from all over the globe.

KISS MY WAMi 2013 CD/DVD – This year’s three-disc edition features The Decline, Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, Dead Owls, Charlie Bucket, Naik, The Floors, The Ghost Hotel, Bastian’s Happy Flight, Blackmilk, Usurper Of Modern Medicine, Warning Birds, Ruby Boots and many more.

More details are still to come, about Night Visions, the launch of WAM’s new Singapore WA Music Exchange initiative, the Kiss My Camera exhibition at the WA Museum, the Regional Roundtable and more. Head to wam.asn.au for ongoing updates.

Meanwhile, here are the nominees for this year’s WA Music Awards


2013 EXPERT Award Nominees


2013 Golden WAMi

Presented by City of Perth

Andrew Ryan

Graham Wood

Jodie Regan

Jeff Halley


Media Individual of the Year

Presented by Xanadu Wines

Simon Collins (The West Australian)

Bob Gordon (X-Press)

Travis Johnson (X-Press)

Callum Twigger (theMusic.com.au)

Adam Trainer (RTRFM)


WA Based Record Label of the Year

Presented by WA Museum

The Community

Walking Horse Music

Heartless Robot

Spinning Top Music


2013 Management Award

Presented by Central Institute of Technology

Jodie Regan

Luke Rinaldi

Jacob Snell

Philip Stevens



2013 WAM CRAFT Award Nominees


Live Sound Engineer of the Year

Luke Gray

Adam Round

Luke Willott


Recording Engineer of the Year

Matt Giovannangelo

James Newhouse

Dave Parkin

Adam Round


Guitarist of the Year

Luke Dux (The Floors)

Ben Witt (The Chemist)

Mitch McDonald (The Love Junkies)

Dylan Olivierre (Rainy Day Women)


Bassist of the Year

Jon Stockman (Karnivool)

Ian Berney (Birds Of Tokyo)

Anthony Jackson (Casino Sunrise, The Siren Tower, The Loved Dead, Will Stoker & The Embers)

Ryan Dux (The Floors, The Kill Devil Hills)


Drummer / Percussionist of the Year

Steve Judd (Karnivool)

Lewis Walsh (The Love Junkies)

James Wills (Drowning Horse)

Scarlett Stevens (San Cisco)


Keys/Synth Artist of the Year

Jack Doepel (Mmhmmm, Jack Doepel Quartet, Bastian’s Happy Flight)

James Ireland (Savoir, The Chemist)

Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd (Boys Boys Boys!)

Ron Pollard (Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, The Ron Pollard Quintet)


Multi Instrumentalist of the Year

Lyndon Blue (Seams, Solar Barge)

Jack Doepel (Mmhmmm, Jack Doepel Quartet, Bastian’s Happy Flight)

Josh Dyson (Matters of Fiction, China Doll)

Amber Fresh (Rabbit Island, Gulls)

Todd Pickett (Blackmilk, Kill Devil Hills, Davey Craddock & The Spectacles)

Sam Price (Naik)


Male Vocalist of the Year

Nick Allbrook (Pond, Allbrook/Avery)

Cam Avery (The Growl, Allbrook/Avery)

Ian Kenny (Karnivool, Birds of Tokyo)

Timothy Nelson (Timothy Nelson & The Infidels)


Female Vocalist of the Year

Novac Bull (Boom! Bap! Pow!)

Laura Jane Lowther (Kučka)

Abbe May

Georgi Kay


Electronic Producer of the Year


Diger Rokwell





2013 WAM INDUSTRY Award Nominees


Rock Act of the Year

Presented by the Mustang Bar

The Chemist


The Love Junkies



Heavy Act of the Year

Presented by The Wire






Experimental Act of the Year

Presented by RTRFM

Chris Cobilis

Craig McElhinney



Kynan Tan


Pop Act of the Year

Presented by X-Press

Bastian’s Happy Flight

Rainy Day Women

San Cisco

Simone & Girlfunkle


Punk Act of the Year

Presented by Diskbank

Chainsaw Hookers

The Decline




Blues & Roots Act of the Year

Presented by Clancy’s Fremantle

Andrew Winton

Blue Shaddy

Matt Gresham

Morgan Bain


Urban Act of the Year

Presented by Headphonic

Bitter Belief


Mr Grevis



Jazz Act of the Year

Presented by Bivouac

Abbey Foster Falle

Graham Wood

Mace Francis

Tal Cohen


Country Music Act of the Year

Presented by Country Music Club of Boyup Brook 

The Big Old Bears

Davey Craddock & The Spectacles

Ruby Boots

The Seals


Folk Act of the Year

Presented by Folkworld Fairbridge Festival

Ensemble Formidable

Mama Kin

Patient Little Sister

The Justin Walshe Folk Machine

Timothy Nelson & The Infidels


Electronic Act of the Year

Presented by Salt (X-Press)

Basic Mind

Diger Rokwell

Mei Saraswati



World Music Act of the Year 

Presented by SIGN-A-RAMA


Grace Barbé



Music Website of the Year

Presented by Humaan

Cool Perth Nights

life is noise

The Music


Six Thousand

Spaceship News

X-Press Magazine


Indigenous Act of the Year

Presented by Noongar Radio

Gina Williams

John Bennett

Stephen Pigram


2013 Breakthrough Act

Presented by Sunset Events

The Dianas

Rainy Day Women

The Love Junkies

Mt Mountain



2013 WAM public voted Award Nominees


Group of the Year

Presented by City of Perth


The Growl



San Cisco

Tame Impala


Solo Artist of the Year

Presented by MRA

Abbe May

Georgi Kay


Ruby Boots


Timothy Nelson


Record Store of the Year

Presented by WAM

78 Records


Fat Shan Records

Planet Music


Music Venue of the Year

Presented by Matso’s

The Astor Theatre

The Bakery

The Bird

The Rosemount


Single of the Year

Presented by PPCA

Birds of Tokyo – This Fire

Mathas – Nourishment (ft. Abbe May)

Rainy Day Women – Ain’t It Time

ShockOne – Lazerbeam

Stillwater Giants – Fly Under The Radar

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards


Music Video of the Year

Presented by Network 10

Kučka – Rewind

The Growl – Douse The Lamps

The Love Junkies – Maybelene

Tame Impala – Elephant


Album / EP of the Year

Presented by Alberts

Birds of Tokyo – March Fires

Karnivool – Asymmetry

Pond – Hobo Rocket

San Cisco – San Cisco

Tame Impala – Lonerism

The Love Junkies – Maybelene


Music Event of the Year

Presented by Feral Brewing

In The Pines


St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival










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  1. There needs to be an Album/Gig Poster Artwork award or recognition. There’s plenty of awesome WA artists who churn out some great promotional material for their fellow sandgropers!

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